The way we manage our clients’ hard-earned money will benefit their families for generations. We take that responsibility to heart every day.

Owner/Principal Dean R. Hedeker

Let’s face it,
What we want is an honest conversation with our investment advisor. We want a relationship of trust, sincerity, and honesty. A relationship where our advisor puts us first. After all, our financial wellbeing is of utmost importance to us. Our core values, wants, desires and needs are all tied up in our financial well-being. Our valued relationships with our family and others are deeply affected by our financial well-being. So, it’s important that our investment advisor considers this and above all, places our interests first.
But before we can begin on this journey of trust and honesty, we need to ask a few questions of you and truly understand you and your situation. We want to understand your background and your family.

We want to review your investment statements, your tax returns and your estate planning documents. We want to examine how your investments fit in with your taxes and your estate planning. You may be in a high tax bracket or a low one. You may have a sophisticated trust or a simple will. This all needs to be considered.

When was the last time your investment advisor asked for a copy of your tax return or even looked at your tax return? How can your investments be properly structured without knowing what your estate plan says or what your tax documents say?

In this world filled with hype and everybody promoting their latest gizmo or investment product, isn’t it important that somebody took the time to see that your investments are not only proper, but properly structured?

But the journey doesn’t end there, because as your lives change, so will your wants and needs. The investment advice will continually change as lives change.

Consistent, regular meetings are required to take advantage of the numerous financial and tax opportunities that will come your way on this journey. Questions will need to be asked and answered. Questions such as:

  • Are ray investments consistent with my risk tolerance?

  • Are my investments causing me to pay too much tax?

  • The tax law changed, what can I do to take advantage of the changes?

  • Are my investments titled properly, consistent with my estate planning?

  • How does creditor protection fit in with my investments?

  • How do I reduce the tax bill on my IRA?

  • How do I reduce the tax I pay on my Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)?

  • How do Roth Conversions work, and are they right for me?

  • How about paying for college expenses for my grandchildren?

Of course, there will be other questions and opportunities which will arise as time goes on.

“At Hedeker Wealth, it is not only important that your investments earn money, but that you keep the money you earn.”

Owner/Principal Dean R. Hedeker

The Hedeker Wealth Difference

Hedeker Wealth, LLC offers wealth management, to individuals, families and foundations. Headquartered in Lincolnshire, IL, we proudly serve clients in Chicago and nationwide.

Unlike many banks or traditional investment houses, Hedeker Wealth is not tied to any in-house or proprietary financial products, so our investment decisions are totally independent, and are aligned to support what is best for our clients. This allows us to deliver independent research, impartial asset manager selection, extremely competitive pricing, alternative investment opportunities, and ongoing monitoring of our clients’ investments.

At Hedeker Wealth, our core strength is our people. We provide customized care and a personal touch that we believe sets us apart from other Chicago wealth management firms. Our mission is to be the very best team of professional advisors dedicated to providing peace of mind for our clients.  To help fulfill this mission, we not only offer wealth management services but also provide families with complete legal, financial and tax services, all in one center—giving you a high level of protection for your hard-earned money.

About Our Principal

Dean Hedeker has more than 30 years experience assisting clients in all aspects of estate and investment planning, and is committed to preserving and growing his clients’ wealth. Hedeker is directly involved with investment management for our clients and manages the wealth of more than 100 hard-working families. He is also an experienced attorney in the fields of estate planning, business law and tax law.

Hedeker is a Master Elite member of Ed Slott IRA Advisor Group. Hedeker is a Fellow with the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys (AAEPA).  He has co-authored and has been a contributing author for several books:

  • Cut Your Tax in 2010 (And Preserve Your Legacy)

  • Strictly Business: Planning Strategies for Privately
    Owned Businesses (Contributing Author)

  • Total Wealth Management: The Definitive Guide to
    Estate and Financial Planning (Co-Author)

  • Love, Money, Control: Reinventing Estate Planning
    (Contributing Author)

He is currently a member of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, Chicago Bar Association and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Hedeker is also a Certified Public Accountant as well as a Registered Financial Consultant.

A sought-after speaker, Hedeker has been invited to speak for various banks, financial institutions, attorney organizations and healthcare organizations. He has been a featured speaker for the National Association of Health Underwriters’ National Convention as well as at the GE Financial Assurance National Convention. Hedeker Wealth clients directly benefit from this experience by being invited to workshops each year, which cover the latest news and valuable advice for tax planning, estate planning and investment management.

Hedeker graduated from DePaul University College of Law. He was admitted to the Bar of Supreme Court of Illinois in 1981, the United States District Courts and the United States Tax Court.


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